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Disabled Accessible Shower Stall Fiber Care Baths, Inc.RR-5481
Animal Care Tub-based ProductsSchroer Mfg. Co.M-110118
Animal / Pet BathtubForever Stainless SteelM-110099
Automatic Film ProcessorAir Techniques, Inc.M-890026
Automatic Flush Valve RetrofitAdvanced Modern TechnologiesM-070017
Backwater ValvesJosam CompanyM-110084
Backwater ValvesJay R. SmithM-700215
Bathtub, FiberglassAmerich Corp.M-820132
Bathwaste & OverflowDuracraft Plastics, Inc.M-900126
Beverage DispenserOrange Bang, Inc.M-850096
Beverage DispenserLancerM-860042
Beverage DispenserAutomatic Bar Controls, Inc.M-140041
Beverage DispensersLancerM-800119
Bicycle washing stationForever Stainless SteelM-170012
Biological Cabinet and Fume HoodsThe Baker CompanyRR-8296
Biological Safety Cabinets Labconco Corporation M-120100
Boilers & steam Bath GeneratorsSUSSMAN-AUTOMATIC GROUPM-820106
Bow FlowGuard Gold CPVC Pipe and Fittings.Bow Plumbing Group, Inc.RR-5681
Can Washer and Floor Drain CombinationJay R. Smith Mfg. Co.RR-5235
Cementitious Tank Lining MaterialCorrosion ServicesRR-5323
ChemDrain™ CPVC Chemical Waste Piping SystemCharlotte Pipe & FoundryRR-5594
Chemical DispenserKay Chemical CompanyM-990008
Chemical DispenserEcolab, Inc.M-080200
Chemical DispensersEcolab Inc.M-990034
Chemical Fume HoodsLabconco CorporationRR-8473
Chimney Automation SystemEnervex, Inc.RR-8474
Chinese Wok RangeGeneral Restaurant EquipmentM-910127
Cleaning TankHardt EquipmentM-070085
CleanoutsJosam CompanyM-090173
CleanoutsJay R. Smith Mfg. Co.RR-5006
Closet Carriers Fixture SupportsJosam CompanyM-090169
Closet Carriers & Fixture SupportsZurn Industries, Inc.M-800056
Closet Carriers & Fixture SupportsJay R. SmithM-700212
Coffee and Tea MakerNewco Enterprises Inc.M-840073
Coffee BrewerKeurig, Inc.M-050032
Coffee BrewersMars DrinksM-060141
Coffee Machine NW Global Vending M-160014
Column Shower / ShowerAcorn Engineering Co.M-010011
Combi OvensEloma USAM-160023
Combination (Combi) SteamerRational Cooking Systems, Inc.M-050027
Commercial Clothes WasherDexter Laundry, Inc.M-880048
Commercial Clothes WasherAutarkic Holdings (Laundrylux)M-730051
Commercial Clothes WasherAlliance Laundry Systems, LLCM-800057
Commercial Clothes Washing MachinesAlliance Laundry Systems, LlcM-060018
Commercial Dish MachineEcolab, Inc.M-080041
Commercial Dish MachineEcolab, Inc.M-080042
Commercial DishwasherAmerican Dish ServiceM-780089
Commercial DishwasherChampion Industries Inc.M-840100
Commercial DishwasherMoyer DiebelM-920103
Commercial DishwasherDouglas Machines CorpM-980003
Commercial DishwashersHobart Corp.M-660004
Commercial DishwashersThe Stero Co.M-930058
Commercial Dishwasher, Conveyor TypeAmerican Dish ServiceM-920011
Commercial GlasswasherAmerican Dish ServiceM-810115
Control Valve FaucetsFisher Mfg. Co.M-950064
CPVC fittings and valvesNibco, Inc.RR-5694
CPVC pipeGeorg Fischer HarvelRR-5695
CPVC Pipe and FittingsSpears Mfg. Co.RR-5700
CPVC pipe and fittingsCharlotte Pipe and Foundry CompanyRR-5697
CPVC schedule 40 and 80 pipes and fittingsIPEX USA LLCRR-5717
Cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) tubes, plastic and metal fittingsViega LlcRR-5709
Cross linked polyethylene (PEX) tubes and plastic fittingsUponor IncorporatedRR-5482
CuraFlo Engineered Flow Lining SystemCuraFlo IP, LLCRR-5679
CuraPoxy® FS Epoxy Barrier Coating for Internal Fire Protection PipingCuraFlo IP, LLCRR-5689
Cured-In-Place lining systemPipe Lining Supply, IncRR-5704
Deck and Roof DrainsJay R. SmithM-970031
Dental Chair & UnitDansereau Health Products, Inc.M-950065
Dental Control & CuspidorEngle Dental SystemsM-950055
Dental Delivery UnitDCI-Dental ComponentsM-140065
Dental EquipmentMarusM-950084
Dental EquipmentPelton & CraneM-830125
Dental EquipmentA-dec, Inc.M-780110
Dental Suction PumpAir Techniques, Inc.M-910074
Dental UnitDCI EquipmentM-950014
Dental UnitBelmont Equipment, Takara BelmM-000020
Dental UnitBelmont Equipment, Takara BelmM-070146
Dental UnitBelmont EquipmentM-160004
Dental UnitsTPCM-030007
Dental Vacuum PumpTech West Inc.M-960076
Dental Vacuum PumpDansereau Health ProductsM-960042
Dental Vacuum PumpsAir Techniques, Inc.M-870119
Dental Waterline FilterVista Research Group, LlcM-040014
Detergent DispenserEcolab, Inc.M-840037
Detergent DispenserEcolab, Inc.M-810097
Detergent DispenserEcolab Inc.M-870124
Dialysis RO & Solution Delivery SystemsMar Cor Purification, Inc.M-970099
DishwasherThe Stero Co.M-920097
DishwasherAmerican Dish ServiceM-840044
Dispenser, BeverageInternational Carbonic Inc.M-860168
Dispenser, WaterFisher Mfg. Co.M-880021
Domestic water booster pump systemCalifornia Hydronics Corp.RR-5706
Domestic Water Booster Pump SystemsJdl Systems, Inc.RR-5610
Domestic Water Booster Pumps QUANTUM FLO INC. M-140038
Double Wall Vented Heat ExchangerAce Heaters, LLC.RR-4649
Drains, Floor DrainsJay R. SmithM-700213
Drains, Floor SinkJosam CompanyM-090174
Drains, Floor SinksZurn Industries, Inc.M-800066
Drain, Shower and BathPlumbing Products Co., Inc.M-660733
Duct InsulationReflectix, Inc.RR-8099
Duct InsulationReflectix, Inc.RR-8099
Duct SealantsH. B. Fuller Const. Prod. Inc.M-960057
Duct SilencersPottorffM-150006
Duct sumpGaylord IndustriesRR-7657
Earthquake-Actuated Gas Shut-Off ValvesLittle Firefighter Gas ValvesRR-5349
Earthquake-Actuated Gas Shut-off valvesSeismic Safety ProductsRR-5370
Earthquake Bracing straps for residential Water HeaterLittle Firefighter Corp.RR-5577
Earthquake Bracing straps for residential Water HeatersHoldriteRR-5588
Easy Liner Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) lateral lining systemsEasy Liner LLCRR-5662
Eco-sprayEcolab Inc.M-920113
Elasto-Deck B.T. Waterproofing Polyurethane Elastomer for Water Tank Lining and Shower Pan and Roman Tub Lining ApplicationsPacific Polymers, Inc.RR-5271
Electric Booster Water HeatersHatco CorporationRR-5278
Electric HumidifiersDri Steem Humidifier Co.RR-8414
Electric / Gas Combo OvenUnified Brands / GroenM-880140
Equipment, DentalMidmark Corp.M-920048
Espresso MachineNuova SimonelliM-990033
Espresso MachineRancilio Group North AmericaM-050051
Espresso MachinesCMA SpaM-130014
Espresso MachinesCBC RoyalM-140015
Espresso/Cappuccino MachinesGeneral Espresso Equip. Corp.M-980012
Excess flow gas shutoff valvesOmega Flex, Inc.RR-5707
Exhausted Laminer Laboratory Fume HoodsTFI Inline Design Corp.RR-8486
Expoxy barrier coatingAce DuraFlo Systems, LlcRR-5565
Fan-Coil UnitsFirst CompanyRR-7659
Fiberglass DuctSpunstrand, Inc.RR-8461
Fiberglass insulationJohns ManvilleRR-7808
FireMaster® FastWrap XL Duct Enclosure SystemsThermal Ceramics Inc.RR-8479
Flexible Duct ConnectorC.L. Ward & Family Inc.M-150029
Flexible Duct Vibration Isolation ConnectorsCain Manufacturing CompanyRR-7858
Flexible Sprinkler HoseEasyflex, Inc.M-120032
Flexible Sprinkler Hose with Threaded End Fittings & BracketFlexhead IndustriesRR-5609
Floor Drain (Intergrated Bonding Flange)Schluter SystemsM-100023
Floor SinkSilverwind Products, Inc.M-940038
Floor Trough / SinkDuray/jf Duncan Industries Inc.M-900019
Food SteamerUnified Brands / GroenM-830073
Food Steamer/Cheese MelterA. J. Antunes & Co.M-080184
Foot SpaJ & A Usa, Inc.M-020018
Foot SpaLexor International Inc.M-040033
Foot SpaContinuum Footspas, LlcM-120058
Frozen Beverage Dispenser (Fbd)Fbd Partnership, LpM-020006
Frozen Beverage DispensersTaylor Freezers of So Cal IncM-860027
Fume HoodAir Control, Inc./MicrovoidM-150026
FyreWrap Elite 1.5Unifrax I LLCRR-8459
Gas Chinese RangeThe Montague CompanyM-080018
Gas Shut-Off ValvePacific Seismic Products, Inc. RR-5738
Gas / Wood Burning RotisserieHardt EquipmentRR-8251
Grease and Oil InterceptorsJay R. Smith Mfg.RR-5360
Grease InterceptorThermaco, Inc.M-100154
Grease InterceptorsZurn IndustriesRR-5404
Greenpipe or FusioTherm polypropylene (PP) pipe and fittingsAquatherm GmbHRR-5708
Gun Type Beverage DispenserAutomatic Bar Controls, Inc.M-900080
Hair, Lint and Solids InterceptorsJay R. Smith Mfg. Co.RR-5174
High Density Polyethylene Tubing and FittingsPrinsco, Inc.RR-5734
High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) PipeJm EagleRR-5680
Hot Water HeatersReco USARR-5401
Hot Water Storage TanksRaypak, Inc.M-880057
Hydrants w/Hose Bibb V. B.Jay R. SmithM-910090
Ice MachineLancerM-870090
Ice Machines, Air Cooled / Remote AirHoshizaki Western, D.C., Inc.M-860039
Ice Machine, Water CooledHoshizaki Western, D.C., Inc.M-860040
Ice Making EquipmentMile High Equipment, Llc dba Ice-O-MaticM-850057
Ice Making MachineMile High Equipment, Llc dba Ice-O-MaticM-860074
In-duct electrostatic air cleaners for grease ducts exhaust systemsAir Quality Engineering, Inc.RR-8452
Indirect Waste Drains & FunnelsJay R. SmithM-960015
Injector For Sanitizer SprayEcolab, Inc.M-720221
Kewaunee fume hoodsKewaunee Scientific CorporationRR-7425
Korean B.B.Q. SystemJoseph Chung EngerprisesM-100147
LabGard Biological safety cabinet and fume hoodsNuAire, Inc.RR-8257
Laboratory Fume HoodsDow Diversified Inc.RR-8482
Laboratory Glassware WasherLabconco CorporationM-080155
Laboratory Plastic SinksDurcon Laboratory Tops, Inc.M-970074
Laundry Dispenser For Solid ProductsEcolab, Inc.M-920109
Legend Charcoal Broiler The Montague CompanyRR-8397
Lint InterceptorPyramid Prescast CompanyM-150030
Medical / Dental Instrument WasherScicanM-030020
Metal fab no chase round grease duct systemMetal-Fab, Inc.RR-8441
Neutralization TanksOrion FittingsRR-5619
NIRON Pressure Rated Polypropylene pipeNupi Industrie Italiane SpaRR-5730
Oil SeparatorsJay R. Smith Mfg. Co.RR-5549
Open Trench Drain ComponentsAbt, Inc.RR-4748
Open Trench Drain SystemAco Polymer ProductsRR-5212
P-Trap, Continuous WasteKeeney Mfg. Co.M-900203
Packaged Booster PumpBell & Gossett (Xylem, Inc.)M-120122
PE-RT TubingNIBCO Inc.RR-5737
Pedicure ChairContego Spa Design, Inc.M-120126
Pedicure SpaItc International TradingM-110126
Pedicure SpaJSYY CO. LTD./SANIJETM-040032
Pedicure SpaT4 Spa Concepts & DesignsM-080031
Pedicure SpaGolfstream, Inc.M-090072
Perma- lateral lining system / cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lateral lining systemPerma-Liner Industries, Inc.RR-5574
PEX Piping and fittingsRehau Construction LLCRR-5735
PEX TubingNibco, Inc.RR-5724
PEX Tubing and fittingsBow Plumbing Group Inc.RR-5711
PEX Tubing and plastic and copper fittingsZurn PEX, Inc / United States BrassRR-5516
PE_RT PipingAmerican Legend ManufacturingRR-5728
Polyethylene Gas PipePerformance PipeM-110109
Polyethylene PipeJM EagleM-110038
Polyethylene Trench Drain SystemsJay R. Smith Mfg. Co.RR-5487
Polyethylene (PE) sewer pipeCentennial Plastics, Inc.RR-5740
Polymer Foam Pipe and Sheet InsulationNomacoRR-8316
Polypropylene Pipe and FittingsAsahi/America, Inc.RR-5731
Pool and/or Spa Suction OutletsParamount Pool & Spa SystemsM-070107
Portable Dialysis SystemMar Cor PurificationM-140040
Potable Water Treatment SystemW.C. Service Company, Inc.M-120009
Precast Open Trench Drain SystemHubbell Power SystemsRR-5729
Precast Trench Drain SystemsAco Polymer ProductsRR-5198
Pressure WashersAssembled Products Corp.M-960003
Pull-Stop BoxLSP Products GroupRR-5722
Pvc pipes for water and sewerPacific Plastics Inc.RR-5408
Q-Title Push Fit FittingsElkhart Products CorporationRR-5633
Rain Water Diversion Valve & RainswitchJensen Instruments Co.M-070154
Rect. Underwalk Pipe and FittingsAdvanced Aquaduck SystemsM-980035
Refrigerator / Ice MachineU-Line CorporationM-800100
Reverse Osmosis SystemSterisil, Inc.M-150016
Roll Grove FittingsVictaulic Company of AmericaRR-4991
Roof DrainAdvanced Aquaduck SystemsM-080123
Roof DrainZurn Industries, Inc.M-090162
Roof DrainsJosam CompanyM-090170
Rotary Pizza Sauce DispenserAutomatic Bar Controls, IncM-130027
Rotating Rack OvenLBC Bakery Equipment, Inc.M-090127
Round Fiberglass Sump BasinsTopp Industries, Inc.RR-5311
Round Fiberglass Sump BasinsAk Industries Inc.RR-5483
Round Fiberglass SumpsC.J. Fiberglass Co.RR-4471
R. O. Water Purification SystemNimbus Water SystemsM-940052
Sanitizer MachineSterilox Food Safety, PuricoreM-080066
Seismic Gas Shut-off ValvesAffordable Safety Solutions, Inc.RR-5739
Service Sink FaucetFisher Mfg. Co.M-950034
Shampoo Bowl and ChairGalaxy EnterpriseM-050085
Shampoo bowl & ChairDesign X MfgM-090063
Shampoo UnitTakara Belmont Usa, Inc.M-960107
Shower Pan LinerSchluter SystemsM-100022
Shower & Bath DrainsPlumbing Products Co. Inc.M-810161
Single bracket bracing systemLittle Firefighter Corp.RR-5490
Small Appliance Ventless HoodsEquipex, LlcM-100117
Small Ice MakersAga - MarvelM-070026
Sound AttenuatorsVibro-AcousticsM-120041
Source Capture Fume Exhaust SystemMonoxiventM-090106
Source Capture Fume Exhaust SystemsCar-mon Products, Inc.M-090011
Source Capture Fume Exhaust SystemsJohndow IndustriesM-140004
Spears CPVC pipe and fittingsSpears Manufacturing CompanyRR-5255
Spears LabWaste™ CPVC Corrosive Waste Drainage SystemSpears Manufacturing CompanyRR-5567
Stainless Steel Double Check ValveChudnow Mfg. Co. Inc.M-700249
Stainless Steel Floor TroughsSANI-FLOOR, INC.M-140028
Stainless Steel Floor Troughs/DrainsIMC Teddy Foodservice Eq. Co.M-170009
Stainless Steel Floor, Area and Indirect Waste DrainsJay R. Smith Mfg.RR-5308
Stainless Steel Kitchen SinkWicketts Stainless, LLCM-080136
Stainless Steel Mop SinkHud Industries Inc.M-120054
Stainless Steel SinkJust Mfg. Co.M-930018
Stainless Steel Trench Drain JAY R. SMITH MFG. CO. M-150049
Stainless Steel Trough DrainHud Industries, Inc.M-000006
Steam Bath EquipmentSteamist Inc.M-840090
Steam GeneratorTylo Helo Inc. dba AmerecM-900055
Steambath GeneratorThermasol Steambath Co.M-930037
Steel Reinforced Polythylene Rainwater Harvest Tanks Contech Engineered Solutions RR-5726
Tea Dispensing TowerAutomatic Bar Controls, Inc.M-080106
Thermal Oxidizer Catalytic Combustion Corp.M-150004
This product consists of cross linked polyethylene (PEX)Reliance Worldwide Corp.RR-5721
Trap Primer & AirgapJay R. SmithM-700216
Traps, InterceptorsZurn Industries, Inc.M-800067
Trench DrainAdvanced Aquaduck SystemsM-080124
Trench DrainJosam CompanyM-090172
Trench DrainWicketts Stainless, LLCM-080137
Trench DrainNdsM-110082
Trench Drain SystemEric'sonsM-160008
Trench drain systems with accessories and optionsZurn Industries, Inc.RR-5161
Underground Drain ChannelCurb-O-Let Inc.M-000002
Underwalk pipe and fittingsSuperior PipeRR-5094
Vacuum Drainage SystemAcorn Vac, Inc.RR-5573
Vacuum Drainage System Evac North America, Inc.RR-5534
Vacuum PumpMidmarkM-920088
Vehicle Wash SystemN/s CorporationM-930105
Wastewater Diversion Valve SystemWastewater Diversion Systems, Inc.RR-5532
Water Booster Filtration SystemsSHURFLOM-090062
Water FiltrationEversoft, Inc.M-070160
Water Filtration SystemLifesource Water System, Inc.M-970077
Water SoftenerClear Water CorporationM-920123
Water SoftenerKineticoM-860234
Water SoftenerRWS CORP.M-160028
Water SoftenersPerformance Water ProductsM-020001
Water Treatment SystemAnmac Service Co.M-120075
Waterproof MembraneLaticrete International Inc.M-980031
Waterproofing MembraneLaticrete International, Inc.M-070162
Wood Burning Pizza OvensRosito & Bisani ImportsRR-8208
"ADS" Corrugated Polyethylene (PE) Tubing and FittingsAdvanced Drainage Systems, Inc.RR-4781
"AP Armaflex" pipe insulationCarmacellRR-7642
"Apex" Center - Chemical Dispensers with Controller for Commercial Dishwashing MachinesEcolab, IncorporatedRR-5612
"ApolloPress" "Press Type Copper Fittings for Copper Tubes and Pipes"Elkhart Products CorporationRR-5630
"Aquapak" Water Booster Pump SystemsWeil Aquatronics, Inc.RR-4682
"Big Dipper" Self-Cleaning Grease SeparatorsThermaco, Inc.RR-4899
"California" earthquake activated gas shut-off valvesPacific Seismic Products, Inc.RR-5080
"Clear Air" remote smoke pollution control unitGaylord Industries, Inc.RR-7741
"Driscoplex 4100" Polyethylene (PE) Tubing and FittingsPerformance PipeRR-5718
"Ductsox", "Verona", "Stat-X", "Duratex", "Sedona-XM" High ThrowDuctSox Corp.RR-5518
"Duro Dyne" Flexible Vibration Isolation Air Duct connectorsDuro Dyne West CorporationRR-7133
"Fav"Earthquake Activated Gas Shut-Off ValvesSeismic Safety ProductsRR-5725
"FLEX-TEND" Flexible Expansion Joints for pipe linesEBAA Iron Sales, Inc.RR-5339
"Fuseal" Polypropylent (PP) and Fire-Retardant Polypropylene (PPFR)George Fischer Sloane, Inc.RR-4343
"Giles" ventless hoodsGiles Enterprises, Inc.RR-8110
"Holdrite" Water Heater Restraint StrapsHoldriteRR-5465
"MEGALUG" Mechanical Joint Restrainer GlandsEbaa Iron Sales, Inc.RR-5295
"Mer-Krete" Waterproofing membranesParex USARR-4321
"Metraloop" flexible expansion jointsMetraflex Co.RR-5551
"Mez" Galvanized and Stainless Steel Duct Connection SystemsMez Industries, Inc.RR-8019
"Modulating Dryer Vent System™" (MDVS)Enervex, Inc.RR-8448
"NIBCO® Press System" Copper FittingsNibco, Inc.RR-5593
"Proflex" Flexible Duct ConnectorsDuctmate Industries, Inc.RR-8338
"ProPress" press-connect copper & fittings Viega, LLCRR-5742
"Safe-T-Switch" low voltage condensate overflow shut-off switchThe RectorSeal CorporationRR-5562
"Smog Hog" Air Pollution Control Systems for Restaurant Kitchen ExhaustParker-Hannifin CorporationRR-8374
"Solitron 3000", "Vanguard Rinse Max" and "Rinse Miser" Chemical Dispensers for Commercial Dishwashing MachinesEcolab, Inc.RR-4857
"Sound Attenuator"Metal Form Manufacturing CompanyRR-7785
"Studor" - Air Admittance ValveStudor Inc. Div. of Ips Corp.RR-5459
"Therma-Stor" Heat Recovery DeviceTherma - Stor, LLCRR-4089
"Trac"Pipe" Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing (CSST) and Mechanical Attachment FittingsOmega Flex, Inc.RR-5495
"Vinlon" Flexible Vibration Isolation Air Duct Connector.Elgen ManufacturingRR-8471
Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing, Inc.RR-8434
Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing, Inc.RR-8427
Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing, Inc.RR-7736
Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing, Inc.RR-8069
Polycoat ProductsM-060012