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A-dec, Inc.M-78011003/01/2020Dental Equipment
Abt, Inc.RR-474802/01/2018Open Trench Drain Components
Accurex, LLCRR-848902/01/2020"Grease Trapper" and "Grease Trapper EPS" Pollution Control Units manufactured by Greenheck Fan Corp, DBA Accurex, LLC
Ace DuraFlo Systems, LlcRR-556512/01/2019Expoxy barrier coating
Ace Heaters, LLC.RR-464903/01/2018Double Wall Vented Heat Exchanger
Aco Polymer ProductsRR-521204/01/2018Open Trench Drain System
Aco Polymer ProductsRR-519802/01/2018Precast Trench Drain Systems
Acorn Engineering Co.M-01001108/01/2019Column Shower / Shower
Acorn Vac, Inc.RR-557306/01/2019Vacuum Drainage System
Advanced Aquaduck SystemsM-98003507/01/2020Rect. Underwalk Pipe and Fittings
Advanced Aquaduck SystemsM-08012307/01/2020Roof Drain
Advanced Aquaduck SystemsM-08012407/01/2020Trench Drain
Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc.RR-478110/01/2019"ADS" Corrugated Polyethylene (PE) Tubing and Fittings
Affordable Safety Solutions, Inc.RR-573902/01/2019Seismically Activated Gas Shutoff Valves
Air Quality Engineering, Inc.RR-845203/01/2019In-duct electrostatic air cleaners for grease ducts exhaust systems
Air Techniques, Inc.M-89002605/01/2019Automatic Film Processor
Ak Industries Inc.RR-548306/01/2020Round Fiberglass Sump Basins
Alliance Laundry Systems, LlcM-06001806/01/2019Commercial Clothes Washing Machines
American Dish ServiceM-84004405/01/2018Dishwasher
American Dish ServiceM-81011502/01/2018Commercial Glasswasher
American Legend ManufacturingRR-572811/01/2019PE-RT Piping
Anmac Service Co.M-12007511/01/2019Water Treatment System
Aquatherm GmbHRR-570806/01/2019Greenpipe or FusioTherm polypropylene (PP) pipe and fittings
Asahi/America, Inc.RR-5731See attached file05/01/2018Polypropylene Pipe and Fittings
Assembled Products Corp.M-96000308/01/2018Pressure Washers
Automatic Bar Controls, IncM-13002709/01/2019Rotary Pizza Sauce Dispenser
Automatic Bar Controls, Inc.M-90008001/01/2020Gun Type Beverage Dispenser
Automatic Bar Controls, Inc.M-08010607/01/2019Tea Dispensing Tower
Automatic Bar Controls, Inc.M-14004110/01/2019Beverage Dispenser
Bell & Gossett (Xylem, Inc.)M-12012211/01/2019Packaged Booster Pump
Belmont Equipment, Takara BelmontM-00002011/01/2019Dental Unit
Belmont Equipment, Takara BelmontM-07014612/01/2019Dental Unit
Belmont Equipment, Takara BelmontM-16000406/01/2020Dental Unit
Bow Plumbing Group Inc.RR-571104/01/2020PEX Tubing and Fittings
Bow Plumbing Group, Inc.RR-568111/01/2019Bow FlowGuard Gold CPVC Pipe and Fittings.
Cain Manufacturing CompanyRR-785801/01/2018Flexible Duct Vibration Isolation Connectors
California Hydronics Corp.RR-570605/01/2019Domestic water booster pump system
CBC RoyalM-14001506/01/2018Espresso Machines
Centennial Plastics, Inc.RR-574003/01/2020Polyethylene (PE) sewer pipe
Charlotte Pipe and Foundry CompanyRR-569702/01/2020CPVC pipe and fittings
Charlotte Pipe & FoundryRR-559402/01/2020ChemDrain™ CPVC Chemical Waste Piping System
CONBRACO INDUSTRIES, INC.RR-572309/01/2019PEX Tubing and Fittings
Contech Engineered Solutions RR-572612/01/2019Steel Reinforced Polythylene Rainwater Harvest Tanks
Continuum Footspas, LlcM-12005808/01/2019Foot Spa
Corrosion ServicesRR-532309/01/2019Cementitious Tank Lining Material
CuraFlo IP, LLCRR-568907/01/2019CuraPoxy® FS Epoxy Barrier Coating for Internal Fire Protection Piping
CuraFlo IP, LLCRR-567908/16/2018CuraFlo Engineered Flow Lining System
Curb-O-Let Inc.M-00000208/10/2018Underground Drain Channel
C.J. Fiberglass Co.RR-447103/01/2020Round Fiberglass Sumps
C.L. Ward & Family Inc.M-15002906/01/2018Flexible Duct Connector
Dansereau Health Products, Inc.M-95006512/01/2018Dental Chair & Unit
DCI-Dental ComponentsM-14006502/01/2020Dental Delivery Unit
DCI EquipmentM-95001405/01/2018Dental Unit
Dexter Laundry, Inc.M-88004808/01/2018Commercial Clothes Washer
Douglas Machines CorpM-98000306/01/2018Commercial Dishwasher
Dow Diversified Inc.RR-848212/01/2019Laboratory Fume Hoods
Ductmate Industries, Inc.RR-833806/01/2018"Proflex" Flexible Duct Connectors
DuctSox Corp.RR-551806/01/2020Flexible Air Dispersion
Duray/jf Duncan Industries Inc.M-90001906/01/2018Floor Trough / Sink
Durcon Laboratory Tops, Inc.M-97007402/01/2018Laboratory Plastic Sinks
Easy Liner LLCRR-566207/01/2018Easy Liner Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) lateral lining systems
EBAA Iron Sales, Inc.RR-529505/01/2020"MEGALUG" Mechanical Joint Restrainer Glands
EBAA Iron Sales, Inc.RR-533905/01/2020"FLEX-TEND" Flexible Expansion Joints for pipe lines
Ecolab Inc.M-92011302/01/2019Eco-spray
Ecolab Inc.M-87012412/01/2018Detergent Dispenser
Ecolab, Inc.RR-485702/01/2019"Solitron 3000", "Vanguard Rinse Max" and "Rinse Miser" Chemical Dispensers for Commercial Dishwashing Machines
Ecolab, Inc.M-92010912/01/2018Laundry Dispenser For Solid Products
Ecolab, Inc.M-84003702/01/2019Detergent Dispenser
Ecolab, Inc.M-08020002/01/2018Chemical Dispenser
Ecolab, Inc.M-81009712/01/2018Detergent Dispenser
Elgen ManufacturingRR-847102/01/2018"Vinlon" Flexible Vibration Isolation Air Duct Connector.
Enervex, Inc.RR-844803/01/2020"Modulating Dryer Vent System™" (MDVS)
Enervex, Inc.RR-847404/01/2020Chimney Automation System
Engle Dental SystemsM-95005512/01/2019Dental Control & Cuspidor
Equipex, LlcM-10011712/01/2019Small Appliance Ventless Hoods
Eric'sonsM-16000807/01/2020Trench Drain System
Evac North America, Inc.RR-553407/01/2020Vacuum Drainage System
Eversoft, Inc.M-07016008/01/2019Water Filtration
Fbd Partnership, LpM-02000603/01/2018Frozen Beverage Dispenser (Fbd)
Fiber Care Baths, Inc.RR-548102/01/2020 Disabled Accessible Shower Stall
First CompanyRR-765904/01/2018Fan-Coil Units
Flexhead IndustriesRR-560904/01/2018Flexible Sprinkler Hose with Threaded End Fittings & Bracket
Forever Stainless SteelM-11009909/01/2019Animal / Pet Bathtub
Forever Stainless SteelM-17001211/01/2019Bicycle washing station
Galaxy EnterpriseM-05008510/01/2018Shampoo Bowl and Chair
Gaylord IndustriesRR-765708/01/2018Duct sump
Gaylord Industries, Inc.RR-774109/01/2018"Clear Air" remote smoke pollution control unit
Georg Fischer HarvelRR-569507/01/2019CPVC pipe
George Fischer Sloane, Inc.RR-434308/01/2019"Fuseal" Polypropylent (PP) and Fire-Retardant Polypropylene (PPFR)
Giles Enterprises, Inc.RR-811003/01/2020"Giles" ventless hoods
Golfstream, Inc.M-09007202/01/2018Pedicure Spa
Hardt EquipmentRR-825107/01/2018Gas / Wood Burning Rotisserie
HEATLINK GROUP INC.RR-572710/01/2019PEX Tubing and Fittings
Hobart Corp.M-66000404/01/2018Commercial Dishwashers
HoldriteRR-558806/01/2018Earthquake Bracing straps for residential Water Heaters
HoldriteRR-546505/01/2018"Holdrite" Water Heater Restraint Straps
IMC Teddy Foodservice Eq. Co.M-17000906/01/2019Stainless Steel Trench Drains
International Carbonic Inc.M-86016810/01/2019Dispenser, Beverage
IPEX USA LLCRR-571708/01/2019CPVC schedule 40 and 80 pipes and fittings
J & A Usa, Inc.M-02001812/01/2019Foot Spa
Jay R. SmithM-70021310/01/2019Drains, Floor Drains
Jay R. SmithM-96001506/01/2019Indirect Waste Drains & Funnels
Jay R. SmithM-97003106/01/2019Deck and Roof Drains
Jay R. SmithM-70021506/01/2019Backwater Valves
Jay R. SmithM-70021606/01/2019Trap Primer & Airgap
Jay R. SmithM-91009006/01/2019Hydrants w/Hose Bibb V. B.
Jay R. SmithM-70021205/01/2019Closet Carriers & Fixture Supports
Jay R. Smith Mfg.RR-530806/01/2019Stainless Steel Floor, Area and Indirect Waste Drains
Jay R. Smith Mfg.RR-536007/01/2019Grease and Oil Interceptors
Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co.RR-517406/01/2019Hair, Lint and Solids Interceptors
Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co.RR-500606/01/2019Cleanouts
Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co.RR-523506/01/2019Can Washer and Floor Drain Combination
Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co.RR-548701/01/2018Polyethylene Trench Drain Systems
JAY R. SMITH MFG. CO. M-15004901/01/2018Stainless Steel Trench Drain
JDL Systems, Inc.RR-561002/01/2020Domestic Water Booster Pump Systems
Jensen Instruments Co.M-07015406/01/2020Rain Water Diversion Valve & Rainswitch
JM EagleM-11003806/01/2019Polyethylene Pipe
JM EagleRR-568010/01/2019High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Pipe
Johns ManvilleRR-780807/01/2019Fiberglass insulation
Josam CompanyM-09017202/01/2018Trench Drain
JSYY CO. LTD./SANIJETM-04003208/01/2018Pedicure Spa
Just Mfg. Co.M-93001805/01/2020Stainless Steel Sink
Keeney Mfg. Co.M-90020306/01/2018P-Trap, Continuous Waste
Kewaunee Scientific CorporationRR-742503/01/2020Kewaunee fume hoods
Labconco CorporationM-08015501/01/2020Laboratory Glassware Washer
Labconco CorporationRR-847307/01/2020Chemical Fume Hoods
Labconco Corporation M-12010001/01/2020Biological Safety Cabinets
Laticrete International Inc.M-98003102/01/2019Waterproof Membrane
Lexor International Inc.M-04003303/01/2020Foot Spa
Lifesource Water System, Inc.M-97007701/01/2020Water Filtration System
Little Firefighter Corp.RR-557711/01/2018Earthquake Bracing straps for residential Water Heater
Little Firefighter Gas ValvesRR-534903/01/2020Seismically Activated Gas Shutoff Valves
Mars DrinksM-06014103/01/2018Coffee Brewers
Metal-Fab, Inc.RR-844106/01/2020Metal fab no chase round grease duct system
Metal Form Manufacturing CompanyRR-778504/01/2018"Sound Attenuator"
Metraflex Co.RR-555109/01/2019"Metraloop" flexible expansion joints
Midmark Corp.M-92004809/01/2018Equipment, Dental
NIBCO Inc.RR-573704/01/2019PE-RT Tubing
Nibco, Inc.RR-559311/01/2018"NIBCO® Press System" Copper Fittings
NIBCO, Inc.RR-569412/01/2019CPVC fittings and valves
Nibco, Inc.RR-572401/01/2020PEX Tubing and Fittings
NuAire, Inc.RR-825701/01/2020LabGard Biological safety cabinet and fume hoods
N/s CorporationM-93010508/01/2019Vehicle Wash System
Omega Flex, Inc.RR-549501/01/2020"Trac"Pipe" Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing (CSST) and Mechanical Attachment Fittings
Orange Bang, Inc.M-85009609/01/2019Beverage Dispenser
Pacific Plastics Inc.RR-540803/01/2020Pvc pipes for water and sewer
Pacific Polymers, Inc.RR-527102/01/2020Elasto-Deck B.T. Waterproofing Polyurethane Elastomer for Water Tank Lining and Shower Pan and Roman Tub Lining Applications
Pacific Seismic Products, Inc.RR-508011/01/2019Seismically Activated Gas Shutoff Valves
Pacific Seismic Products, Inc.RR-574401/01/2020Stabilizer Brace System
Pacific Seismic Products, Inc. RR-5738EV40007/01/2019Seismically Activated Gas Shutoff Valve
Paramount Pool & Spa SystemsM-07010710/01/2019Pool and/or Spa Suction Outlets
Parex USARR-432107/01/2018"Mer-Krete" Waterproofing membranes
Parker-Hannifin CorporationRR-837401/01/2020"Smog Hog" Air Pollution Control Systems for Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust
Pelton & CraneM-83012506/01/2020Dental Equipment
Performance PipeRR-571805/01/2020"Driscoplex 4100" Polyethylene (PE) Tubing and Fittings
Performance PipeM-11010905/01/2020Polyethylene Gas Pipe
Performance Water ProductsM-02000105/01/2020Water Softeners
Perma-Liner Industries, Inc.RR-557407/01/2018Perma- lateral lining system / cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lateral lining system
Plumbing Products Co. Inc.M-81016104/01/2020Shower & Bath Drains
Plumbing Products Co., Inc.M-66073305/01/2020Drain, Shower and Bath
Prihoda North AmericaRR-849002/01/2020Flexible Air Dispersion Ducts
Prinsco, Inc.RR-573411/01/2018High Density Polyethylene Tubing and Fittings
Pyramid Prescast CompanyM-15003006/01/2020Lint Interceptor
Rancilio Group North AmericaM-05005108/01/2019Espresso Machine
Rational Cooking Systems, Inc.M-05002706/01/2019Combination (Combi) Steamer
Rehau Construction LLCRR-573501/01/2019PEX Tubing and Fittings
Reliance Worldwide Corp.RR-572110/01/2019PEX Tubing and Fittings
RWS Corp.M-16002805/01/2020Water Treatment System
Schluter SystemsM-10002208/01/2019Shower Pan Liner
Schluter SystemsM-10002308/01/2019Floor Drain (Intergrated Bonding Flange)
Schroer Mfg. Co.M-11011801/01/2020Animal Care Tub-based Products
ScicanM-03002010/01/2019Medical / Dental Instrument Washer
Seismic Safety ProductsRR-537001/01/2020Seismically Activated Gas Shutoff Valves
Seismic Safety ProductsRR-572507/01/2019Seismically Activated Gas Shutoff Valves
Spears Manufacturing CompanyRR-556708/01/2020Spears LabWaste™ CPVC Corrosive Waste Drainage System
Spears Manufacturing CompanyRR-525505/01/2020Spears CPVC pipe and fittings
Spears Mfg. Co.RR-570006/01/2020CPVC Pipe and Fittings
Studor Inc. Div. of Ips Corp.RR-545901/01/2020"Studor" - Air Admittance Valve
Superior PipeRR-509412/01/2018Underwalk pipe and fittings
SUSSMAN-AUTOMATIC GROUPM-82010612/01/2019Boilers & steam Bath Generators
T4 Spa Concepts & DesignsM-08003107/01/2018Pedicure Spa
Takara Belmont Usa, Inc.M-96010702/01/2020Shampoo Unit
Taylor Freezers of So Cal IncM-86002703/01/2020Frozen Beverage Dispensers
TFI Inline Design Corp.RR-848602/01/2020Exhausted Laminer Laboratory Fume Hoods
The Montague CompanyRR-839730A, 31F, 37F,43F08/01/2019Legend Charcoal Broiler
The Montague CompanyM-08001803/01/2020Gas Chinese Range
The Stero Co.M-92009701/01/2019Dishwasher
The Stero Co.M-93005804/01/2019Commercial Dishwashers
Therma - Stor, LLCRR-408902/01/2019"Therma-Stor" Heat Recovery Device
Thermaco, Inc.RR-489902/01/2020"Big Dipper" Self-Cleaning Grease Interceptor
Thermaco, Inc.M-10015401/01/2020Grease Interceptor
TOPP Industries, IncRR-574310/01/2019Structural and Polyethylene Sump Basins
Topp Industries, Inc.RR-531104/01/2020Round Fiberglass Sump Basins
TPCM-03000706/01/2018Dental Units
Uponor IncorporatedRR-548209/01/2019PEX Tubing and Fittings
Victaulic Company of AmericaRR-499110/01/2019Roll Grove Fittings
Viega LlcRR-570904/01/2020PEX Tubing and Fittings
Viega, LLCRR-574208/01/2019"ProPress" press-connect copper & fittings
Vista Research Group, LlcM-04001407/01/2019Dental Waterline Filter
Weil Aquatronics, Inc.RR-468202/01/2020"Aquapak" Water Booster Pump Systems
Wicketts Stainless, LLCM-08013610/01/2018Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink
W.C. Service Company, Inc.M-12000904/01/2020Potable Water Treatment System
Zurn IndustriesRR-540401/01/2020Grease and Oil Interceptors
Zurn Industries, Inc.M-80006608/01/2020Drains, Floor Sinks
Zurn Industries, Inc.M-80006708/01/2020Traps, Interceptors
Zurn Industries, Inc.M-80005611/01/2019Closet Carriers & Fixture Supports
Zurn Industries, Inc.RR-516107/01/2018Trench drain systems with accessories and options
Zurn Industries, Inc.M-09016212/01/2019Roof Drain
Zurn PEX, Inc / United States BrassRR-551612/01/2019PEX Tubing and Fittings