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3M Company49939107/20/2018Hot Melt Glue Applicator
ABB, Inc.93053109/11/2016Pv Micro-Inverter
ACME Kitchenettes, Corp.49976205/18/2019Mini Kitchenettes
ACME Kitchenettes, Corp.50053108/01/2019Mini Kitchenettes
Active Sign Innovations500862LPV-60-12LED Display Cabinets
Acufast Aircraft Products500544CNC Machines
Aerionics Inc.93048308/09/2020Carbon Monoxide Detection Systems
AFC Cable Systems, Inc.9322711/15/2018Reduced Wall Flexible Aluminum Conduit
Alcore Scientific, Inc.500560Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate Reader
ALTRU-V500687UV Lights W/AC Units
Alvarado Manufacturing Co.50064207/16/2019Optical Barrier Turnstile
Alvarado Mfg. Co. Inc.25577812/16/20193 Arm Box Turnstile
Alvarado Mfg. Co., Inc.24003003/20/2017Security Turnstile
Alvarado Mfg. Co., Inc.50069306/23/2019Motorized Pedestrian Gate
American Honda Motor Co.49782003/01/2019Portable Electric Generator
American Honda Motor Co. Inc.50091609/29/2019Portable Generator
American Honda Motor Co., Inc.33380008/10/2018Portable Electric Generator
American Honda Motor Co., Inc.33380109/08/2018Portable Electric Generator
American Honda Motor Co., Ltd.49893505/18/2018Portable Electric Generator
American Honda Motor Co., Ltd.50052808/02/2018Portable Electric Generator
American Nuts500880Nut Roaster
Amrex-Zetron Inc.36636512/16/2016Interferential / Russian Stimulator
Anamet Electrical, Inc.93042608/01/2018Reduced Wall Flexible Aluminum Conduit
Aqua Chemical, Co. LTD500565Aqua Wash Machines
Argubright Construction500698Aircraft Hanger Door
Arsene Design500822Led Display Wall
ASC Engineering Service500530CT Scanner
Aspen & Associates50059806/25/2016Powered Speaker System
Aticure, Inc.500515Aticure Cryo Module
AUTO PARKIT, INC500854Do Not Use!! Duplicate04/25/2018LOAD BAY PANEL
AUTO PARKIT, INC50069204/25/2018Fully Automated Parking Lift System Powered Conveyor
AUTO PARKIT, INC50070004/25/2018Fully Automated Parking Lift System Main control Panel
AUTO PARKIT, INC50070004/25/2018Fully Automated Parking Lift System Main control Panel
AUTO PARKIT, INC50069204/25/2018Fully Automated Parking Lift System Powered Conveyor
AUTO PARKIT, INC50085004/25/2018Fully Automated Parking Lift System Stacker Link Lift 80
Auto Parkit, Llc930474Automated Parking System
BCD Automation500769Car Wash - Control Panel
Bemhardt500809Conference Room - Office Tables (9 Units)
Benier500825Pizza Making Equipment
Benier500826Pizza Making Equipment - Allround
Big Ass Fan500832Ceiling Fan
Big Ass Fan500863Yellow JAcketCeiling Fan
Biotex, Inc.500586Photex Laser
BM Electric500580LED Display System
BM Electric500597LED Display System
Bosch500829Insta Hot Water Heater
Bowen Productions, Inc.500744LED Special Effect Lights
Briggs & Stratton50099108/30/2019
Briggs & Stratton Home Power50042303/23/2019Portable Generator
Briggs & Stratton Power Products Group33506006/21/2017Portable Generator (Over 11 HP)
Briggs & Stratton Power Products Group50042203/23/2019Portable Electric Generator
Briggs & Stratton Power Products Group31730706/26/2016Portable Generator
Briggs & Stratton Power Products Group31667606/26/2016Portable Generator (8-11 HP)
BSI500843ZGUARDSneeze Guards
Buffalo Dental49989901/20/2019Trimming Knife
Buffalo Dental Mfg.31121412/22/2018Dental Vibrator
Buffalo Dental Mfg.50075805/26/2020Handpiece System
Buffalo Dental Mfg. Co., Inc.49765404/15/2019Vacuum Former
Buffalo Dental Mfg., Co. Inc.38883610/27/2019Model Trimmer
Buffalo Dental Mfg., Inc.31179008/09/2015Buffalo Engine
Butcher Boy500637Meat Saw, Meat Grinder
Cal Partitions, Inc.33814910/27/2019Aluminum Raceway Assembly
Campbell Haulsfeld46512202/03/2016Paint Sprayer
Catalytic Combustion500663Soil Vapor Extraction System-Sparge
Catalytic Combustion500665Soil Vapor Extraction System - Scrubber
Catalytic Combustion 500664Soil Vapor Extraction System - Scrubber
CBS Royal50055903/20/2016Espresso Machine
Challenge500712Drill Press
Champion Power Equipment50079309/20/2018Portable Electric Generator
Champion Power Equipment 50079409/20/2018Portable Electric Generator (7000W)
Chardonnay Corp.19526409/11/2016Control System Valve
Charles Ross & Son Company500726Mixer Equipment
Charles Ross & Son Company500725Press Equipment
Chauvet Professional500787Video Display Panel (5X3)
Chauvet Professional500786Video Display Panel (10X6)
Church of Scientology500512Dispenser
Church of Scientology500511Cold Saw
Church of Scientology500510Robotic Arm
Cinnabar500795Infinity Mirror
Cinnabar500797Interactive LED Hand Railing
City of Los Angeles Harbor Department500552Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Dispenser Assembly
City of Los Angeles, Department of General Services500542LED Retrofit Kit
Clean Energy930519
CLEANCOR LNG LLC500768Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) Dispenser
Cocoa Town, LLC500784Chocolate/Cacao Grinder
Cocoatown500783Chocolate Tempering Machine
Coherence System/ Magnifi Tech500955EMF Power Conditioner 08/08/2019
Conair Corporation49937110/11/2019Hand-held Dryers
Conspec Controls Inc.93046111/30/2019Carbon Monoxide Detection System
Contego Spa Design, Inc.50056108/29/2016Pedicure Spa Chair
Corghi USA500679Tire Changer
Corghi USA500678Tire Balancer
Corradi Usa, Inc.50040410/12/2015Motor Control Awning
Dave & Busters500562Amusement and Gaming Machines
DDB Unlimited500821Communication Panel
Deafworks501025ALM202W, ALM202B03/05/2020Digital Alarm Clock
Delta Elevator Co., Inc.49813706/25/2019Elevator Controller
Delta Scientific500853TT2280Security Crash gate
Design Checkstands49876201/14/2019Check Stands
DHL Express500635Conveyor Belt Controller
Direct TV500522Guard Booth
Drewelow Remdiation Equipment500550Electric Catalytic Oxidizer (240V, 1Ph)
Drewelow Remdiation Equipment500548Electric Catalytic Oxidizer (480V, 3Ph)
Drewelow Remdiation Equipment500755Blower Package
Duravit USA500814Vanity Mirror W/LED Light
D&B Audiotechnick500619Powered Audio Amplifier
Echosens500575FibroScan System
Echosens500737FibroScan System
Ecolab Inc.49813810/29/2018Pool / Spa Control Panel
EDAP- TMS 500752High Intensity Focus Medical Ultrasound
Edey Mfg. Co. Inc.49840803/18/2018Electric Door Operator
Edey Mfg., Co., Inc.49951404/25/2017Freezer Doors
El Mueble, Inc500717LED Display Cabinets
Electri-flex Co.93026205/30/2019Reduced Wall Flexible Aluminum Conduit
Elite Lighting500587LED Lighting Strips
Emerson500601Power Supply & Router Panel
Encore Wire Corporation93052603/06/2019PV Wire
Energy Labs, Inc.500685C84114-F-FAir Handler Unit (AHU-SF-9)
Enphase Energy, Inc930546IQ6 MIcro-Inverter 06/01/2018
Enphase Energy, Inc.93048612/19/2017Microninverter
Enphase Energy, Inc.93050904/12/2018Micro-inverter
Enphase Energy, Inc.93052709/18/2017Micro-Inverter
Enphase Energy, Inc.93053607/11/2017Micro-Inverter
Enphase Energy, Inc.93055505/02/2019Microinverters (6 Models)
Enviroblind500741Security Shutters
Enviroblind500770Window Security Shutters
EQMet50082310/14/2019Strong Motion Accelerograph
Equinox Pool Panel500869Equinox Pool PanelControl Panel
ERIEZ Magnetics500603Electo-Magnetic Metal Separator
Evoqua Water Technologies, LLC.500893Symphony Panel (120V, 7.6 Amp)
Evoqua Water Technologies, LLC.500891DI Water System
Excellon Automation49844308/21/2019PCB Laser Drilling / Rotary Machine
Excellon Automation49996309/15/2018Precision Drilling Machine
FCX Systems Inc.500781400HZ Solid State Frequency Converter
Fielding Electronic (Siemens) 500831AC - Control Panel
Foshan Tuojian Stomatological Medical Instrument Co., Ltd500713Dental Chairs
Fostex Company47987303/26/2015Personal Monitor Speakers
Franks Industrial Services Inc.500779Motor Control Center (MCC)
G & M Compliance500543Automatic Screen Printing Machine
Galaxia Electronics Co.50062303/12/2016LED Light Fixtures (New Installations)
GE Energy Industrial Solutions500806Pump Motors
GE Energy Industrial Solutions500805Vent Fan Motor
GE Energy Industrial Solutions500803Agitator Motors
GE Energy Industrial Solutions500804Screw Motors
Generac Power Systems50031002/09/2019Portable Electric Generator
Generac Power Systems50014004/27/2015Portable Electric Generator
Generac Power Systems50027706/30/2016Electric Generators (3.8 KW)
Generac Power Systems50036908/10/2017Portable Electric Generator
Generac Power Systems50037808/15/2016Portable Electric Generator
Generac Power Systems50040211/16/2016Portable Electric Generator
Generac Power Systems50052506/12/2018Portable Electric Generator
Generac Power Systems50052606/12/2019Portable Electric Generator
Generac Power Systems50020010/29/2016Portable Electric Generator
Generac Power Systems50098609/11/2019Generator 6.5 kw & 8.0 kw
Geo Sig, LTD500948GSR-181AB03/28/2020
Giga Tera KMW50060005/12/2016LED Road Way Lights
Giga Tera KMW50059905/22/2016LED Light Panels
Giga Tera KMW50058805/22/2016LED Light Panels
Golden Eye Lighting, Inc.50086612/19/2018LED Lighting Systems
Green Lux Cleaner500521Laundry Equipment
Greenlee Texton50041603/09/2020PVC Conduit Heater
Greenlee Textron, Inc.41058212/09/2019PVC Conduit Heater
GU Yuan (DK Group)500680Tubular LED Lamp
Hafel America, Co.500800421.68.444
Harding Steel, Inc500621Passenger Vehicle Lift System (Double Stacker)
Harrington Hoist & Crane 500751Mono Rail Host & Trolley
Hatch 500771LED Lighting System
Haworth, Inc.93035903/05/2015Tactics Wired Office Table Systems
Haworth, Inc.9335906/26/2016Wired Office Furniture
Henry Engineering49825910/16/2019Low Power Audio Amplifiers
Hi Lo Voltage Electric Contractors 500722Well Water Pump Controller
Hollamn500650Lighting Control Panel
Honda Motor Co., Inc.50042604/18/2019Portable Electric Generator
Honda Motor Co., Ltd50060208/15/2019Portable Electric Generator
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.50065603/10/2019Portable Electric Generator
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.50065503/10/2019Portable Electric Generator
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.50078005/30/2019Portable Electric Generator
Honeywell Analytics50023710/29/2019Carbon Monoxide Detection System
Honeywell International500523Control Panel
Horton Automatics (4 Units)500819Automatic Doors
Hunter Douglas500675Motorized Exterior Roller Window Shades
Hunterwood Technologies500466Hay Press System
Husqvarna Construction Products33306703/26/2019Masonry Saws
Hyperion Treatment Plant500533Motor Control Panel
Hyundai500593CNC Machines
IER Inc.500782Passenger Check-in Kiosk
Impco93022403/08/2015Commercial and Residential Air Coolers
Industrial Wire & Cable Corp.93050811/15/2015Photovoltaic (PV) Wire - 600V
Industrial Wire & Cable Corp.93051604/04/2016 Photovoltaic (PV) Wire - 1000 Volts
Innovative Engineering Group500519HVAC Equipment
Intec Controls, Inc.93046701/01/2020Carbon Monoxide Detection System
Intertek Testing Services, NA930499Purge Pressurized Analyzer Shelter
JBT Aerotech500641Programble Logic Bridge Controllers (PLCs)
JBT Aerotech500683Programable Logic Bridge Controllers (PLC's)
Jds Dental Products50018709/28/2016Air Compressor
JDS Dental Products50024806/07/2019Air compressor
JDS Dental Products501023JM - 111, 121, 222, 223, 22405/06/2020Air Compressor
JDS Dental Products 50095108/09/2019Dental Air Compressor
Johnson Controls - LAX500479Control Panel
Johnson Controls, Inc.500557Computer System (12 units)
Juki America, Inc.50069710/02/2018Sewing Machine
Juki of America50037001/04/2019Sewing Machine Control Box
J. Miller Canvas, Inc.500938Awnings
Kessebohmer (Halcon)500811Conference Room - Office Tables (20 Units)
Kinematics, Inc. 50072001/28/2017Strong Motion Accelerogragh
Kinemetrics93055710/11/2019Strong Motion Accelerograph
Klaus Multiparking930535Passenger Vehicle Lift System
Kobelco500743Air Compressors
Koelis, Inc500871Kuro-3000Medical Ultrasound
Kohler Power Systems500644Automatic Transfer Switch
Kraus Global500867Compressed Natural Gas Dispensers
LA LA Land500583Big LED Screen & Globe
La La Land50058514 @ LED Video Display and 8 @ LED Channel
LA Parking Lifts 93054712/15/2019Car Lift (2Level)
Lagree Fitness50095004/02/2019Supra
LeadSolar Energy93053811/04/2017Micro-inverter
LeadSolar Energy 930548LS600-208 and LS600-24003/14/2019Micro-Inverter
Lighting Control & Design49955405/26/2016Lighting Control Panel, Current Limiting
Limbach Company500802LAX-T4VAVVariable Air Volume Units (VAV)
Lite Panels50044208/10/2015LED Stage Light Fixture
Living Earth Crafts500856L100043Hydraulic Massage Beds
Los Angeles Lighting Mfg., Co.38711809/04/2016Swivel Mounting Canopy
LTF Technology500845LED Lighting System
LTF Technology500839LED Lighting System
Luminus500578LED Retrofit Kit
L. H. Hajnal & Assoc.500547Retrofit Kit Panel (UL Recognized)
Machine Drive Company500487Motor Control Panel
Mai Lab, Inc.500694Wall Mounted Mirrors with LED Lights
Maico Diagnostic500541Audiometer
Makino500812CNC Machine
Marking Methods, Inc.14923504/29/2019Electro Chemical Power Etching Unit
Martin Luther King Jr. Ambulance Care Center500508Incubator
McGuire500759Loading Dock Leveler (4 Units)
Mean Well (MW) - Class II Power Supply500674LED Display Cabinets
Mepar500736Parking Barrier
Mepar500735Parking Ticket Dispenser & Exit Ticket Verifier
Mercury Magnetics, Inc500865 AS-105/05/2018Amp Saver
Metrozet50029610/13/2015Motion Accelerograph System
Minebea, Corporation, LTD500563Minebea
Minebea, Corporation, LTD500564Minebea
MK Diamond Products Inc.38849011/07/2016Tile Saw
Mobility Research500884Medical Treadmill
MOEV, Inc.50070509/08/2016Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger
Morrow Equipment Systems, Inc.500492Conveyor System
M&M Electric, Co. (J-LED)500834LED Display Cabinets
Nanometrics, Inc.50046509/14/2018Strong Motion Accelerograph
National Electric Contractors500748LED Lighting System
Nautilus Hyosung, Inc. (Monimax)500813ATM Machine
Neptune Glassworks500799C2288-24Pendent Lights
Neurovision Medical Products500676NER VEana Nerve Monitor & Locator
New Hampshire Ball Bearing, Inc.500448Chemical Washing Machine
New Hampshire Ball Bearing, Inc.500513Puncher, Washer, Grinder
Nilfisk-Advance Inc.50057905/08/2018Floor Sanders
Nilfisk-Advance, Inc.46683502/10/2019Floor Sanders
North Star Refrigeration Company29933304/23/2019Frost Bar Heating Assembly
Norwalk, Inc.49427904/20/2015Norwalk Juicer
Okuma Machine Tools, Inc.500592CNC Machines
Olea Kiosks, Inc.500605Olea Kiosks
OLEA Kiosks, Inc.500846Biometric ID kiosks (31 Units)
Omni Turn500595 CNC Machine
Orange Bang, Inc.25914312/24/2019Post Whip (TM) Beverage Dispensers
Orbit HVLS Fan500577Ceiling/Wall Fan
Orion Solar Racking93051105/08/2015Photovoltaic Module Rack Grounding System
Orion Solar Racking93052106/24/2019Photovoltaic Module Rack Grounding System
Orion Solar Racking930511-TM05/08/2015PV Rack Grounding System
Pam Pacific Plumbing & Mechanical500463Heat Exchanger
Park Plus930504Passenger Vehicle Lift System (TripleStacker)
Park Plus, Inc.93050110/09/2019Passenger Vechile Lift System
Park Plus, Inc.930510Passenger Vehicle Lift System
Park Plus, Inc.930524Passenger Vehicle Lift System (Double Stacker)
Park Plus, Inc. 93053202/17/2020Triple Stacker Passenger Vehicle Lift System
Parking Automation System Inc.930556CJ-00103/05/20202 Lv Vehicle Lift
PermaCity Construction Corp93052503/20/2016Photovoltaic (PV)Module Rack Grounding System
Phase-A-Matic, Inc.49922210/20/2018Phase Converter
Pioneer CEP500718Tank Overfill Panel
Pioneer CEP500833Tank Overfill Panel
Pioneer CEP500835Tank Overfill Panel
Plast-O-Matic, Inc.500730Solenoid Valve
Power-One, Inc. (Aurora)93051203/27/2016PV Micro-inverter
Powerex, Inc.500727Vacuum Pump System
Powerex, Inc.500728Air Compressor
Pramac America49928306/30/2018Electric Generators (4.1-6.0 KW)
Pramac America49925906/30/2018Electric Generators (6.1 hp and up)
Price Industries, Inc.500695Variable Air Volume Units (VAV)
Primus Group, Inc.50057203/20/2015LED Fixtures
Prism Projection, Inc.50060608/20/2015LED Stage Light
Proto Homes50088312/14/2019LED Lighting Systems
PureClean & PureWater500778Reclaim & R/O System - Car Wash
Q-Tron500660LED Strip Lighting
QMI5008491E-EM-SA-660-OSecurity Shutters (3 Units)
QMI5008641E-EM-SA-520-O, 1E-EM-SA-660-OSecurity Shutters (3 Units)
Quantum Group, Inc.93052808/06/2018 Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detection Systems - Single and Multi Station
Ramsey Madsen Design50096005/02/2019Height Adjustable Desk (2 Legs(
Rando Productions, Inc500796Operator Control Concil (OCC) - Slide
Raypak Inc.37918811/09/2018Hot Water Pump
RCH Construction, Inc.500684LED Display Lights
RCH Construction, Inc.500702LED Display Lights
Redbird FMX500987Flight Simulator FL-1
Refrigerating Specialties Div. of Parker Hannifin03691404/20/2018Refrigerant Valves
Relevant Solutions, Inc.93055111/09/2019Carbon Monoxide Detection Systems
Replanet Recycling500555Reverse Vending, (Recycling Machine)
Rosendin Electric500860T-24 Lighting PanelControl Panels
Ruby Manufacturing, Inc.40283904/16/2019Juice Extractor
Rx Count Corporation40523306/25/2019Pill Counter
Rypos500792Diesel Particulate Filtration System
Rypos500914ADPF-4Diesel Particulate Filtration System
Rytec Corporation500574Roll-up door
R. A. Fischer Co.24924709/05/2019Galvanic Unit
R.A. Fischer Co.50005301/05/2020Galvanic Unit
Samsung Machine Tools (SMEC)500596CNC Machines
Sandy Spring Technologies, Inc.500553Autoinoculator
Saunders Electric, Inc.50033210/02/2019Cam-Lock Distribution Panel
Schneider Electric50051708/29/2015Track Light Current Limiting Panel
Shen Zhen500532Mirror Lights
Shen Zhen New World Group500582Wall Mount Chandelier
Shen Zhen New World Group500584Ceiling Chandelier
SITA500527Bagge Console
Skyco Shading System, Inc50086103/22/2018Motorized Window Shades
Skymaster, Inc.930505Window Washing Equipment
Skymaster, Inc.930506Window Washing Equipment
Solar Edge 50083601/27/2018Auto Transfer
Solectria Rewables500604Weather Station
Southwire Company9310508/02/2019Reduced Wall Flexible Aluminum Conduit
Southworth Products500798Loading Dock Lifts (2 Units)
SPC Retail Display Group500715LED Display Cabinets
SPC Retail Display Group500714LED Display Cabinets
SPC Retail Display Group500721LED Display Cabinets
Specialty Health Products, Inc.49971202/27/2019Colon Hydro Therapy System
Spectrum Aquatics50046206/18/2017Swimming Pool Lift
Star Micronics Co., LTD500594CNC Machines
Steel Case, Inc500915Work Station With Power Source (Approx. 102 Units)
Sullivan Palatek500785Air Compressor
SuperSonic50096907/05/2019Emergency Radio/ Light
Sure International500638Meat Mixer, Bowl Cutter
Sure International500643Vacuum Pack Unit
Surgical Theater, LLC500742Surgical Navigation Advanced Platform (SNAP)
Swan-Ikenaga Iron Work's Co. Ltd500640Ice Shaving Machine
Sysparc500899Pay Station 02/06/2019
Sysparc500900Parking Ticket Dispenser 02/06/2019
T-Pars Inc.49977512/06/2018Motion Picture Lights
T-Pars Inc.49984912/06/2018Motion Picture Lights
Taiden Industry50052403/07/2015Digital Infrared Wireless & Conference
Tech West Inc.47309208/02/2019Dental Vacuum Pump
Tech West Inc.48964710/22/2019Dental Air Compressor
Techtronics Industries North America, Inc.50015406/01/2015Generators
Teknion Roy & Breton501016B_APHB, B_APLB, B_ADWB, B_ARHB, B_ARLB06/28/2020Adjustable Table
Telstar500682Ultra Low Freezer
Terra Industries500816Clean Room
Tesoro Refinery930502Continuous Emission Monitoring System
The Scenic Route 500747Interactive Display- Suspension Demo
The Scenic Route 500746Interactive Display- Fuel System
The Scenic Route 500745Interactive Display- Drive Train System
The Scenic Route 500740Interactive Display- Brake System
The Scenic Route 500673Display Kiosk
The Scenic Route 500688Professional Kiosk
The Scenic Route 500739Professional Kiosk
Thermaco Inc.49928804/04/2020Automatic Grease Separator
Thyssenkrupp500852TB 29/15.5-3Passenger Boarding bridge
Thyssenkrupp500851TB 37/18.5-3Passenger Boarding bridge
Tiger Corporation49858006/17/2016Rice Cake Maker
Tom Tech Engineering, Inc. 500947LED Lights, Ceiling & Pendent Mount
Tonello500767Eco Spray (Laundry Equipment)
Tonello500766Bohemia (Laundry Equipment)
Tonello500763Washer (Laundry Equipment)
Tonello500764Dryer (Laundry Equipment)
Tonello500762Washer (Laundry Equipment)
Tonello500765Washer (Laundry Equipment)
TRANE Company500723HVAC Unit (7.5 ton)
TRANE Company500724HVAC Unit (7.5 ton)
Trimble, Inc.500937130-SMHR, 130-SMHR/903/23/2020Seismic Accelerograph
Trimble, Inc. 500984130-MC11/28/2019Strong Motion Accelerograph
TripMaster MOD500677Emergency Power Control System (EPO Panel)
Tylor500761Refrigerated Display Units
T. H. Creears Corporation50008702/19/2016Fluid Level Control
UCLA Smart Grid EnergyResearch Center (SMERC)50049608/20/2016Level One-Electric Vehicle Charger
UCLA SMERC50059103/20/2016Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Level 2
Ukrtechnofoods, LTD (UTF)500732Bread (Lavash) Baking Line
Ukrtechnofoods, LTD (UTF)500738Bread (Lavash) Baking Line
Union Products International9391311/30/2015Trac 4 System
US Pole Co.500556Light Pole (3 Units)
USC - Access Control PAnel500827Convergent Technologies
Various500607Amusement Gaming Machines
Vcella Kilns Inc.12412309/23/2019Electric Kiln
Vcella Kilns Inc.27531509/23/2019Electric Kiln
Victaulic Company of America93040511/01/2019Water Pipe Couplings for Suitability of Electrical Grounding Continuity
Vitec Videocom, Inc. (Lite Panels)50063010/22/2015LED Stage Light
Vitec Videocom, Inc. (Lite Panels)50063210/22/2015LED Stage Light
Wastewater Diversion Systems, Inc.49913001/04/2020Water Diversion Valve
Weil Pump Company, Inc.05138108/17/2019Submersible Sump Pumps
Weil Pump Co. Inc.18884102/19/2019Submersible Sump Pumps
Wesco Tool, Inc.18479405/21/2018Water Pump Motor, 1/20 Hp
Westech Controls & Engineering, Inc.500873Cooling System
Western Allied Corp.500842HVAC Control Panel (4 Units)
WestGate Manufacturing50064703/16/2016LED Landscape Lighting
Wilkinson High-Rise500622Trash chute Controllers (4 units)
Won-Door Corporation500760Won-Door Fireguard Door
Won-Door Corporation500760Won-Door Fireguard Door
Xianyang North West Medical Instruments (Sinol)500703Dental Chairs
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