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Report Number:23835
CSI / Model Number:02260
Manufacturer:Dywidag Systems International, USA, Incorporated
Products:Dywidag System International 4-0.6" SA, 7-0.6" SA, 5-0.6" MA, 9-0.6" MA and 12-0.6" MA strand system for temporary tieback earth anchors and for bonded prestressed concrete applications, Dywidag 19-0.6" MA strand system for bonded post-tensioning system in prestressed concrete applications and for temporary earth anchors, and Threadbars for use as reinforcement, tie rods, prestressed concrete tendons, temporary (up to 2 years) tieback earth anchors, soil nails and micropiles. Dywidag Threadbar Couplers, Hexagonal Nuts and Anchor Nuts developing the full load of of the Threadbar (R), can be used as splices or anchorage devices for the Dywidag threadbars.
Expiration Date:02/01/2021